Is your website a snoozefest?

Business selling service rather than products often find it harder to make their websites interesting. Particularly if they are quite technical or involve a lot of industry specific term. But that doesn't mean it's impossible or that your website should be offering anything less than the best customer experience possible. We take a look at what makes a website boring and how you can avoid sending your visitors to sleep.

Too much text

Businesses within the financial sector often make this mistake. Many businesses worry visitors will miss important information so they just try and cram as much in as possible - and nothing is more boring than an endless block of text. The thing is, visitors will miss everything if copy is too long and boring to read. Re-evaluate the important information - what does a visitor really need to know to turn them into a customer? Consider what is the most interesting way of displaying the information? Would images and infographics help?

Too formal

Not all businesses can adopt a fun a zany persona and nor should they, but that doesn't mean they have to be cold and distant either. People don't fall asleep when chatting to their friends, they fall asleep in lectures and while watching boring speeches or talks. In  other words, the best way of keeping someone interested is to talk to them more like a friend rather than talking down to them. Be personal and don't talk in the third person all the time if you can avoid it. Imagine you are having a conversation with visitors to your website when developing your copy.

Poor branding

Coming up with a compelling brand for a new clothes label or restaurant is easy. But what about for a business consultancy? When you deal with services rather than physical products, it can be hard to effectively visualise your offering in a way that speaks to your audience. Think less about your business and more about your customer base. What will appeal and engage them?

Stock imagery

We've covered this pretty well in our stock image blog, but it bears repeating. People don't relate to image of models in business suits and most people have lost count of the number of handshake images they have seen. The most engaging people are open and honest and this philosophy should be reflected in the image you use on your website. Use real people and real images wherever possible.

Too much jargon

Technical jargon assumes people know what your talking about or care enough to find out. This is usually not the case. Don't assume visitors care about your acronyms and abbreviations and industry specific terms. Speak plainly wherever possible. If it doesn't roll of the tongue, don't put it on your website.