The 5 worst types of corporate tweet

Tweeting is hard enough as an individual, let alone when you're tweeting as a corporation, with brand images, customer trends, PR initiatives and marketing strategies to consider. It can be easy to slip up and very easy to annoy. We've put together a list of the five most annoying types of corporate tweet. Is your company guilty of any of these?


The 'Exciting things in the pipeline' Tweet

It's simple really - if you can't talk about a project then don't talk about it. It's the Twitter equivalent of going 'I now something you don't know'. It won't make your fans excited; it will just make them annoyed.


The 'Check out what we're having for lunch' Tweet

Many businesses do this because they think it makes them human and relatable. Well, it's annoying which is particularly human and relatable so mission accomplished. People don't even care what their friends are having for lunch. Why would they care what food your team is shovelling down their gullets at 1pm?


The 'Inspirational Quote' Tweet

Because who doesn't love a philosophising butchers/supermarket/stationers/insert your business here? Answer: Everyone. There is more than a whiff of David Brent about this kind of tweet. It makes businesses sound pretentious and just shows they can't think of anything to say for themselves.


The 'Bitching about Clients / Customers' Tweet

Most businesses will have funny customer stories that they'll probably share with their friends down the pub. You know where you don't want to share it? Anywhere your customers might see. Disrespecting customers - however moronic or annoying they are being - will not get you more customers.


The 'Busy busy busy' Tweet

Most of us know a guy who always has something to prove. The one that has to list all the things he doing, all his achievements and successes, every time you see him. Don't be that guy on Twitter. By all means talk about your accomplishments, but going on about them all the time on Twitter is an easy way to sound desperate and unengaging. In other words, just be cool about it.