How to get more conversions from your website

Receiving high levels of traffic to your website is great, but if those visitors aren't converting into buyers, prospects or clients, then that traffic is not benefitting your business. Here is our list of things to review if your website isn't generating conversions.

Are their clear calls to action?

Within seconds of coming to you website, visitors should know exactly what you want them to do. Use clear, concise calls to action supported by a short, simple explanation as to why visitors should act.

Is the traffic to your website the 'right traffic'?

If your site is getting traffic, but no conversions, it may be that the wrong people are visiting your site. Use analytics to investigate which search terms are bringing people to your site. Are they effective and relevant to your business? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will ensure that visitors come to your site from relevant sources and keywords.

Is your website easy to use?

Visitors shouldn't have to work hard to get what they want. Make enquiry forms as easy to fill out as possible, asking only for essential information needed for you to follow up. Make sure your e commerce store is easy to navigate and the journey from basket to checkout is simple and straightforward.

Have you done enough to build trust?

Visitors need to trust you before they become conversions. This is why features such as your enquiry form and your ecommerce store should not be hosted on your webpage - they will scare customers off before you have had a chance to win the over.

Case studies, testimonials and product reviews will makes visitors feel more confident about your brand. It may also be helpful to include photos of our team so customers can put a face to your offering, further establishing trust.

Social media is a great way of building relationships with visitors to your website. With more and more businesses using it, it is also becoming an increasingly essential tool if you want to stay competitive and relevant. Developing a social media presence will help build familiarity with your brand and boost your reputation.

Are the copy and images up to scratch?

With photo sharing websites such as Pinterest becoming increasingly popular, images have never held more online currency. They are a vital part of selling your products and services, If you can't make yourself look good than why should visitors to your website buy from you?

The same goes for copy. Typos and grammatical errors will make you look sloppy, stupid and uncaring. Copy also needs to be effective and to the point. Visitors don't want to read an essay about you, your products and services. They just need to know simply and succinctly any factual information about products and services and why they should purchase them.

Have you offered any incentives?

You have to offer potential customers reasons to choose you above you competitors. This could be more affordable prices, discounts, a better user experience, a better quality product or a stronger brand. Continually strive to give customers a reason to choose your website and your brand.

When so much effort goes into designing and developing a website, it can be easy to become a bit complacent when your site goes live - but no one is automatically entitled to conversions. Continually reviewing and perfecting the experience you are offering users is the best way of ensuring your brand stays ahead of the curve.