Is your email marketing campaign mobile friendly?

We have often talked about the importance of optimising your website for the mobile web, but what about optimising your email marketing? The latest report from Campaign Monitor shows that mobile has become the most popular way to access email, with over 40% of people choosing to check their inbox via their smartphone and tablet, as illustrated in the graph below.

What's more, this number shows no signs of slowing down. Campaign Monitor found the use of Android as an email client grew by 90.02% this year alone, with iOS devices not far behind at 74.25%.

We know first hand from our own campaigns just how much the mobile client usage has grown. The number of people opening our email campaigns with an iPhone or iPad has grown 500%, with the iPhone becoming the most popular email client.

What all this means is the mobile can't be ignored.  If you want your email marketing campaign to be a success, you have to ensure it is optimised for mobile.

We take a look at how you can ensure your email campaigns get maximum engagement from mobile users.

Use a short and sweet subject heading

For traditional email campaigns, it is recommended to have a subject line no longer than 35 characters. For campaigns aimed at mobile users, this drops to 15 characters. Keep the subject heading as simple as possible if you want more opens from mobile users.

Refine your calls to action

People tend to use mobile devices on the move and are hence more easily distracted. Hence, you need to make it very clear why you are emailing them and what you want them to do. Avoid asking mobile users shouldn't need to click on some fiddly, hyperlinked text that looks tiny on a phone screen. Instead, use larger clearer buttons and ensure they are close to the top of the screen as mobile users are less inclined to scroll.

Get to the point

Smartphone users may be watching TV, listening to music and playing on their iPad while checking their emails on their iPhone. Your content is likely to be competing with content across multiple screens and almost certainly having to hold the user's interest while on the move. This means keeping your message simple and straightforward is vital. Test your emails, varying the number of stories and offer per email to determine the optimum length.

Test, test, test

Mobile email clients are far from uniform, with each client displaying email in a different way. For example, iOS will automatically show images while Android will not. Older Blackberry handsets won't display HTML. Use analytics software to track which mobile email clients are most popular and adapt your email accordingly, and test how it looks in different clients.

Design Agency's email marketing software for example, allows you to generate previews with a single click, taking the stress out of the testing process. The analytics it offers, including, which email clients were used, the number of clicks, bounces, forwards and shares, allows you to refine your email campaigns further and make them more effective. You can even compare and contrast email campaigns, seeing how the effectiveness of your campaigns has changed over time.

For more information about our email marketing software, or to discuss creating a mobile-optimised email marketing campaign, contact us.