The 5 most common excuses for bad websites (and why they are all total rubbish)

Working in web design, we are often astounded by some of the poor quality business websites out there. With today's resources and services available, is their ever a good enough reason to let your business down with a poor website? We explore some of the most common excuses for bad website design and how they can be overcome.

"I can't afford a good website."

With the variety of web design agencies and freelance designers and developers currently operating, this excuse feels particularly rubbish. Pricing can vary greatly so if this is a concern, it is worth shopping around and doing your research.

Lack of investment can be a vicious cycle. Businesses refuse to invest more money into their web design until they start seeing better results from online, but they don't get good results precisely because they haven't allocated enough budget into developing a good website.

A good website isn't a nice thing to have if you can afford it; it is essential for driving business, broadening prospects and portraying your company in the correct way.

"I can't afford to upgrade my website."

Perhaps you did pay megabucks for a flashy website - ten years ago. Many people seem to think that creating the website is the end of the story, without thinking about their on-going digital needs.

When budgeting for a new website, you should allocate spend for future upgrades and improvements. A good agency will encourage you to think about this. Design Agency uses Umbraco to build our sites. Because it is a scalable content management system, website upgrades can be made easily and efficiently, at minimal cost to the client.

"I don't work in a creative industry. People expect my website to look a certain way."

Just because your industry is perceived as 'boring' doesn't mean your website has to be. What better way to set yourself apart from your competitors than by creating and engaging website that offers an easy and memorable user experience?

"I practically designed it myself"

You might know your business and your customers like the back of your hand, but you don't necessarily know anything about website design and development. Be prepared to listen to your web designer when it comes to user experience and usability.

With a good web design team, this will not be an issue, as they will be able to communicate why something works and other things don't. Work with an agency that you trust and find easy to talk to.

"My web designer was no good"

If you use a rubbish web designer, you will get a website to match. There is no reason for not researching the web designers and agencies available before making a decision. Seek recommendations, testimonials and examine portfolios. Trust and good communication are essential so be sure to develop a good rapport with your web design team and make sure they understand your business and needs.

Whatever your excuse for having a sub-par website, you have to ask yourself is it good enough to risk damaging your brand, business and reputation?

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