Why email marketing is more important than ever

Compared to mobile marketing, adwords and social media, email marketing can seem a little unfashionable. Many still associate email marketing with spammy scatter-gun mailouts from donotreply email addresses with no option to opt-out.

Email marketing is in fact a more valuable marketing tool than ever. Social media has shown that people want to engage with businesses in a direct and personal way. You cannot get more direct and personal than a person's inbox.

The only difference is people expect email marketing campaigns to offer more if they are going to grab attention. With smart inboxes, sophisticated spam filters, countless other emails vying for attention and a mailing list that thinks it has seen it all before, it's not enough to send out something run of the mill.

So how do you make your email marketing campaign stand out?

Be personal

Personalisation is about more than knowing the recipient's name. It's about tailoring your email marketing content based on their likes and dislikes. Our email marketing software tells you who clicked on what. With this information you can create new mailing lists for targeted campaigns or refine your email marketing material based on what's working and what isn't.

Be obvious

One of the biggest reasons people unsubscribe from mailing lists is boring content. Have a clear reason for sending your mail out with obvious calls to action.

Be brief

People don't need updating every time someone from your organisation has a cough. Nor do they need an essay explaining your latest offer. Email marketing content should be like an advert - to the point and enticing with clear calls to action.

Be adaptable

Our email marketing software tells us that up to a quarter of people open our Eshots on their mobile devices. Statistics show that this number is likely to grow. If email marketing isn't optimised for the mobile, you may as well not send t out to a quarter of your mailing list. Our email marketing campaigns are designed to work for every email client and device.

Be listening

Our email marketing software lets us know who opened a campaign, where they opened it, what device they used and what they clicked on. It tell us who shared it on social media, who forwarded and who unsubscribed. This information is vital to ensure good email marketing. Think of it as a conversation. By clicking on certain things and not clicking on others, the recipients are telling you what they like and what they don't. Responding to this data will keep your campaigns fresh and your recipients engaged.

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