InVision - Our favourite rapid prototyping tool

How did we cope without InVision?

InVision is incredibly easy to use, and it looks great! It is by far the best tool we have used that turns flat compositions into interactive prototypes.

What is InVision?

InVision is a rapid prototyping tool that enhances your designs by creating interactive walkthroughs. You can add hotspots to transform your static screens into clickable prototypes with gestures, animations and transitions.


Instant Feedback and Comments

With InVision, once a prototype has been shared with a colleague or a client, comments and feedback can be instantly given, increasing our production efficiency. Once the comment has been actioned, it can be marked as complete, so that we can keep track of progress.

Build Apple Watch and Android Wear Prototypes

We used the apple watch prototyping tool to demonstrate an app to a client, and the animation and interactivity that InVision offers is incredible. 

InVision V5

InVision have recently launched a product update. They have many cool new features, but one we are particularly interested in seeing and possibly using is the project management and workflow tool.