Apple Pay: What's the verdict?

A day with Apple Pay

I have had the apple watch for a while now, and to be honest it didn't blow me away, and has consequently been gathering dust next to my alarm clock on my bedside table.

However, with the release of Apple Pay in the UK, I was excited to strap on my Sports Edition and see how easy it was to buy my Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

Turned out to be really easy.

I no longer have to spend time searching for my wallet, patting down my trousers, before realising it is actually in my jacket pocket. I can now pay with a touch.

I think contactless payment technology is incredible. With Apple Pay it will change how we make purchases in a simple, secure and private way.

How easy is it?

Using my iPhone 6

Thanks to Near Field Communication antenna in the iPhone 6, I didn't even need to open an app or wake up my display. All I needed to do was have my finger on the Touch ID, and place my phone near the contactless reader. It was so easy and quick, I was sitting down with my Big Mac and fries in no time. 

The nice thing I liked was that there was a subtle vibration and beep to let me know that the payment was successful. I didn't need to converse with the cashier, or contemplate whether or not I was short changed.

Using my Apple Watch

This has got me excited again about the Apple Watch. I used it on the London Underground, and it worked flawlessly. All I had to do was double click the side button and hold the display of the watch up to the Oyster card reader. I found it a lot quicker than using my phone. With a gentle beep and vibration, I knew that my payment had gone through (and the fact that the barrier had opened).

Paying within apps

I always used to find it tiresome to enter my bank details and delivery addresses online to purchase items. But now within certain apps, it is possible to use Apple Pay to pay with a single touch. Just selecting Apple Pay, and placing my finger on the Touch ID, allows me to checkout easily and conveniently.

Setting up with Passbook

This was a cool feature. To add the card to my phone, I opened up Passbook and tapped the plus to add a credit or debit card. It asked me to position my card in the frame, and it automatically added all my details. All that was required from me was my security code.


I had fun using Apple Pay, and I think it is a great solution that everyone soon will all be adopting. Contactless payment is convenient, secure, easy to use, and considers customer privacy. I am looking forward to seeing the new shops and apps that will be accepting Apple Pay in the future. For now though, Starbucks is good for me.