Is VR the future?

Virtual Reality is an exciting concept. It continues to improve every day, and it could potentially be something that is literally all around us in the future. We were keen to experience it in the office.

Cardboard VR

We were intrigued to try out the cheaper alternative to the pricey VR headsets. It's known as Cardboard VR, initially launched by Google. It is made from cardboard (obviously), lenses and Velcro.

It's a simple, fun and affordable way to experience Virtual Reality. There are many apps that help you to explore new places, play immersive games, fly through space and many more.

One Plus Cardboard

We ordered a OnePlus Cardboard for the office. It was an instant hit. We took turns to look inside a spaceship, explore a aircraft museum, visit the Eiffle Tower and walk on the moon. For a few minutes, before we all got headaches and eye strain, it was a lot of fun.

I’m on the moon! Hehehe
— Mark
OnePlus Cardboard

OnePlus Cardboard

We were surprised by how sturdy and durable this cardboard product was. We could use it again and again, before it would  bend or get damaged. Unless we tried to use it underwater of course. It has a nice high-quality velcro fastening, which adds a premium feel and quality to what is essentially a cardboard box for your phone. 

It fits most phones

The OnePlus Cardboard is essentially made for the OnePlus One, which is a great looking phone. We used our iPhone 6 Plus, and it was snug. The OnePlus Cardboard is compatible with most devices up to 6".

Don't make me feel sick

We are massive fans of VR, and we're excited to see how it is incorporated into every day life in the future. But for now, I am happy to explore a NASA spaceship for a few minutes, ultimately before I start to feel sick and have to go and lie down.