The best and worst re-brands of 2016

We did this a few years ago and it made for an interesting blog post, so again this year we are going to take a look at the best and worst re-brands of 2016. Buckle up for a design rollercoaster.

English Premier League

First up we have probably our favourite this year, and it's the English Premier League. This captivates 2016 design. Bright, clean and clear, Simplistic yet detailed.

Old Premier league design
Premier League Rebrand

Our emoji rating: 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 

As much as we love the EPL rebrand, we can't help but think they got some serious inspiration from George Schon's re design of Salford Cities crest which happened in 2014.

Salford city fc new logo

Even though it wasn't 2016 I think we still need to recognise the incredible rebrand that Salford City FC went through.



Gumtree finally went through its first-ever rebrand, and we think it came out pretty well. It couldn't of come out much worse right?
It's surprising the old logo did so well for them. Never underestimate the power of a good deal huh.

Gumtree old logo
Gumtree New Logo

Our emoji rating: 👍 👍 👍 👍 


This has to go down as probably one of the most pointless and probably expensive rebrands this year.

old dell logo
New dell logo

Can't tell which ones the new logo? It's the one on the right. Wait, or is it the left. How about a pretentious mock up to show you all the thought that went into deciding the exact angle the "E" should be set at to relate better with their customers.


Our emoji rating: 😐😐😐💩


Interesting one now, after an unsuccessful re-launch of the brand in 2006, Kodak have reverted back to their 1971 iconic branding.

Kodak Old branding
Kodak New

Our emoji rating: 👍👍👍👍

Out of curiosity heres a look at Kodaks branding reiterations throughout the years.

Kodak all braning

Ministry of sound

It's an iconic brand which will pull on the heartstrings of people's youth and holds such fond memories for many. Now, of course, we're a lot older than we once were, but this new branding gives us mixed feelings. The last brand was, like we mentioned, Iconic, a legend, but perhaps this is just what is needed to pass on to a new generation to create their new memories. But for us, it's little too simplistic.

Ministry of sound old logo
Ministry of sound new logo

Our emoji rating: 😢👍😎


When you look at just the old versus the new, you'd say job well done. But then if you actually dissect the new branding, maybe not such a good job. iTree?

Morrisons old logo
Morrisons new brandig

 It looks fresh and brought up to date, but are they changing their target market? No, ok so does it work? We don't think it does when used in real life scenarios.

Morrisons new logo out
Morrison new logo on shop front

Our emoji rating: 😐💩

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