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  • The best and worst re-brands of 2016

    We did this a few years ago and it made for a interesting blog post, so again this year we are going to take a look at the best and worst re-brands of 2016. Buckle up for a design rollercoaster.

  • How to keep your SEO rankings when you upgrade your website

    Any major change you make to your website will have an impact on your SEO rankings. Whether you’re optimising your site for the mobile web, adding a blog, building an entirely new webpage or relocating your site to a new URL, you’ll see your page ranking go up and down as the search engines reassess your webpage.

  • 5 Reasons your website isn't ranking

    These days, most people building websites do so with a keen eye on SEO. Webmasters and business owners know that in order to be successful and rank highly in the search engine results pages, their sites need to be well built, well designed and fully optimised. Sometimes, however, even these measures won’t guarantee you online success.