eCommerce trends to watch

Ecommerce Trends To Watch

As more customers switch on to the convenience of online shopping, the number of eCommerce stores continues to grow, along with the different techniques that are used to engage customers and drive sales.

In this blog, we look at three eCommerce trends which are likely to characterise the sector in 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence

OK, so artificial intelligence (AI) may also have featured in some 2018 trends lists - but in 2019 AI has grown from being an innovative eCommerce tool to something that is considered standard. Why? Because AI bots have become more advanced, and easier to implement. The burden on customer service teams has been slashed and customers are getting their questions answered quicker thanks to these bots, which are now able to learn from the conversations they have with customers and improve the responses that they give.

2. Outstanding imagery and video content

One of the advantages the high street will always have over online shopping is the ability it offers to see and feel a product. But eCommerce is closing the gap all the time because online shopping is becoming more experiential thanks to amazing images and video content, which includes 360-degree views of products. Especially where clothes and electronics are concerned, it can help to look at a product from all angles.

3. Perfection of personalisation

You might increasingly see pop-ups when you visit eCommerce stores that inform you of cookies being used to improve your shopping experience. This is allowing online retailers to track the buying, and browsing habits of customers to market to them more effectively and put the right products in front of them. By personalising offers and communications, and twinning this capability with powerful CRM systems, online retailers are upping their game.

Those are three of the eCommerce trends which stand out in 2019. What will 2020 bring?

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