Need to learn what a Headless CMS is?


For a while, Headless Content Management Systems have been making inroads in web development, with industry insiders predicting them to be the next big thing. The figures don’t lie, data shows that many publishers are already switching to headless and moving away from traditional CMS' like Drupal and Wordpress.

But what is driving this switch, and are there any advantages? Let’s consider the following:

Headless CMS explained

A Headless CMS allows developers to future-proof their content management against new and emerging tech by making use of an API that delivers content across different device types. The clue is in the name – headless content management systems do away with the “head” which means they aren’t restricted by the constraints of a presentation layer. Headless CMS solutions output pure JSON data, which is then consumed through an API.

Consider Umbraco Headless, for example. It’s flexible enough to be used in multiple projects including websites, apps and chat bots. It’s part of a new generation of CMS platforms that allow the user to manage and consume data in a variety of different projects.

Are there any other benefits to headless CMS?

In addition to the previously mentioned features, headless offers the following:

  • Multi-channel delivery – content remains engaging and enticing across all devices.
  • Faster deployment – producers are capable of scheduling and publishing content in real-time, without waiting for development/deployment.
  • Content storage – when all content is in a centralised hub, it facilitates collaboration between all members of a project and serves as a single touchpoint throughout the entire business.
  • Better security – keeping the CMS hidden from the presentation layer means data is less vulnerable to attack.
  • Language support – developers are free to use the language they are most fluent in, whether it’s .NET, PHP or JavaScript.

Is headless CMS really the future?

While there are clear benefits to headless, content strategists and digital marketers might need some time to play catch-up before they get to grips with how to produce, publish and edit content. However, it’s only a matter of time before businesses adopt headless to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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