What is an Accelerated Mobile Page?

Accelerated Mobile Page

Fast, responsive websites are essential for a pleasing browsing experience. In order to help ensure that mobile users get the most responsive browsing experience possible, Google and Twitter have joined forces to promote Accelerated Mobile Pages. But what exactly are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

What is an AMP?

An Accelerated Mobile Page is essentially a stripped out and streamlined version of your webpage. All elements used in traditional website coding, from HTML to CSS, are put "on a diet" to where only the essential aspects are used. This means that users browsing your website from a mobile device aren't going to have their experience clogged up by unnecessary elements and bloated coding.

The idea is that your website can be cached as easily as possible. This means Google can store a lightweight version of your website within the local browsing data at all times. This considerably reduces loading speed even further, as the information is already in the device's memory. Other speed-increasing elements include the exclusion of forms, and only loading images when they're scrolled directly into view.

Is it all you need?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are growing in popularity, and they're being implemented by a number of companies other than Google and Twitter. It's important to remember, however, that your whole website needs to be geared for mobile accessibility as a priority, rather than simply focusing on a few Accelerated Mobile Pages.

It's essential for your business to have Accelerated Mobile Pages to ensure the fastest possible browsing experience for certain users. You must make sure, however, that the entirety of your website has been optimised for mobile traffic if you're going to experience the best flow of website traffic.

It's always wise to invest in the help of a specialist, to help you understand where Accelerated Mobile Pages can help you most.

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