Calvin Klein


Responsive Web Application for Calvin Klein

What can we say, working with CK for DA was a dream come true. Working with their team we created a responsive web app that allowed their store team to keep all POS organised.

calvinklein web app

Store Management

CK have the ability to manage all their stores globally (all 8000 of them) in Umbraco. Details include virtual walkthroughs and easy to manage store details.

Secure Login

Due to the sensitive nature of the store information, security was a priority. Using SSL and the secure login methods built into Umbraco we were able to achieve this.


To help all the stores adhere to strict guidelines, the stores needed to be visually signed off by the CK team. DA added the ability for installers to upload photos of the store installs that could then be reviewed and approved via the app. 

calvinklein web app

Super Advanced Search

With over 8000 stores and counting, the CK team needed to easily filter by lots of store and visual filters. DA designed a simple responsive filtering system that made finding specific stores simple.

Umbraco and AngularJS

DA developers are loving AngularJS at the moment due to the massive speed advantages over other frameworks.  If you want to know details you'll have to speak to them.

Visual Approval Process

All visuals needed to be checked prior to order and delivery, DA built an engine that allowed the process to be seamless between CK and their suppliers.

calvinklein web app