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Brand Identity and Responsive Mobile Site for The Charity Clothing Company

The Charity Clothing Company provides custom Running Clothing and Cycling Clothing to charities only. Some of their products include Running Vests, Running T-Shirts and Cycling Jerseys.

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Responsive Mobile Site

The Charity Clothing Company are one of UK's leading Charity Clothing supplier. Due to the range of clothing available for their customers, TCCC needed the ability to easily scale and add new products without the involvement of DA (although we help out if they need us). An Umbraco site was developed giving TCCC the leading website in their sector.


It's always tricky when you have a long company name like 'The Charity Clothing Company' the DA design team decided to use the first letters and incorporate the web address into the identity.

The identity was kept colourful to retain the friendly look and culture of the company.

charity clothing logo
charity clothing
charityclothingcompany website design

Multi Product Site

Whether the range they offered had 1 or several products, TCCC had the ability to build product pages that were flexible to the range requirements. As they added more products a simple to understand product comparison chart was automatically created.

Umbraco Content Management System

As always we trusted Umbraco to deliver the best Content Management experience for the TCCC marketing team.

Adding products and blog posts is easy to manage on tablets and mobile devices. It's why we use Umbraco time and time again.