Nene Park Trust

Dedicated Mobile Site for Nene Park Trust

The mobile version of the website provides the same news and information about what is happening at Nene Park in a streamlined format, optimised for mobile devices.

While in the park, visitors can now easily use their mobile devices to access maps, look up events and find out more about what the natural wonders that can be observed in the area.


Mobile vs Responsive

We decided to build a dedicated mobile website rather than a responsive site. This gave us more freedom to truly tailor the mobile experience, allowing us to keep load times to a minimum and exclude anything superfluous. The result is an engaging mobile experience that simply and easily allows visitors to explore all that Nene Park has to offer.

Umbraco Content Management

While the mobile site is separate to the desktop version, it is just as easy to manage as it is driven off the same powerful Content Management System, Umbraco. The CMS can pull content from the existing desktop site, meaning Nene Park does not have to worry about creating multiple sets of content, making the process of updating both sites quick and easy.