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We have worked with Atlas (vision's parent company) from their inception, having created 2 sites for them already, helping them grow their online presence enabling them to launch a brand new product, Vision.
We knew their style and what worked for them so after the research period, they left us to it to create them a new service portfolio for their brand new product.



Micro Interactions

Focusing on the small details is how you separate good websites from great websites. The way we strive to achieve this is by optimising a visitors experience by capturing attention with micro interactions. Small feedback from the site, acknowledging a user's clicks and decisions. A nice example on the Vision site of this is the mobile navigation and the load icons on the pricing page.

Responsive Mobile Site

In 2017, it's been announced that there will be huge importance on fast loading mobile version of your website. Especially if the majority of your sites traffic from mobile devices. We ensured the Vision mobile website gives the best experience to the visitor while still serving the most important information. The best way to approach this is as an opportunity to show some slick css rather than a burden to have to optimise your site. If the correct planning is in place this should be an enjoyable task.

Vision mapping desktop website



With launching, a new product comes creating a new brand. With today's standards of compatibility being so demanding, the customers brief isn't the only direction or constraints you may have. Ensuring your brand is received the same way on web, mobile, social, media and in print is a must. We, as a standard will create your brand on all platforms and even cover off retina display options.


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