Armcom Communications Ltd (hereinafter referred as Armcom) is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England and Wales; full details can be found on the Company details page.

This is the Environmental Policy Statement of Armcom.


For the purposes of this document, the following terms apply:

  • Senior management is defined as the Designated Members, officers and senior managers of the organisation.
  • Environmental aspects are the elements of Armcom's activities, products and services that can interact with the environment.
  • Environmental impacts are the changes to the environment that result from Armcom Communications Ltd's environmental aspects.

Policy Statement

Armcom acknowledges that the environment can potentially be impacted by any of its activities, products and services. This policy sets out how the organization will manage, monitor, measure and otherwise be accountable for its ongoing environmental performance.

In the implementation of this policy, Armcom will adhere to the requirements of relevant local, national and international law pertaining to the environmental aspects and impacts of the organization and ensure that this policy kept up to date in line with those requirements.

Armcom is committed to prevent pollution wherever possible and will ensure that as well as optimising new products, services and processes to facilitate this prevention, existing systems and processes are reviewed in order to identify areas for pollution prevention. For each product, service, system or process, this will be achieved by:

  • eliminating the use of polluting materials or technologies;
  • reducing the use of polluting materials or technologies;
  • recycling or reusing materials within Armcom;
  • transferring materials or waste outside of Armcom for recycling or reuse; and,
  • where no other option is available, controlled disposal or incineration.

Armcom will integrate environmental management procedures, processes and planning with the general operations of the organization to maximise the potential reduction of the organizations environmental impacts. Furthermore it will ensure that where possible, products are designed and developed in such a way as to reduce the environmental impacts of their users.

Through the use of environmental performance evaluation procedures and key performance indicators, Armcom will seek continual improvement in its environmental performance. This will be achieved through the proper implementation of its environmental management system. The design, development and management of the environmental management system, related procedures and indicators is the responsibility of senior management.

Through the implementation of this policy, Armcom will set a leading example of good environmental management for its industry.

It is the responsibility of Senior management to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the organization. and the responsibility of the Chief Executive to ensure that this policy is properly maintained and up to date.

Signed on behalf of Armcoms' Designated Members by
Stephen Muchmore January 1st, 2010


  • Policy approved on behalf of Armcoms' Designated Members by Stephen Muchmore on January 1st, 2010
  • A paper copy of this policy is kept at the registered office of Armcom Communications Ltd Limited Liability Partnership
  • A copy of this policy has been made available to all staff members who are responsible for circulating this policy as appropriate to interested parties. By virtue of fully completing this interactive Environmental Policy template, Armcom has ensured that it remains legible and is fully identifiable
  • This policy will be reviewed annually

This policy should be considered as part of a set of policies that include: Equal opportunities employment policy, Privacy policy, Accessibility policy and the Health and Safety policy.