27 language European website for Kawasaki

Kawasaki Engines

To create an engaging user experience that could be translated into 27 languages.

The site also needed to provide Distributors and Dealers with a secure login to access vast amounts of technical engine data.

Distributors can easily access a range of engine specific resources via a secure log in and content management is simplified for Kawasaki's product teams.

Regardless of engine age, we built an engine replacement algorithm that searches 13,000,000 data points and delivers suitable replacement engines.

Due to the complexity and flexibility required from the CMS, Umbraco was the perfect fit.
  • 1,710
  • 21,250
    Umbraco site pages
  • 17,182
    Replacement engines

We delivered a modern Umbraco website that provides Kawasaki and its Distributors with a secure place to access technical information in 27+ languages.

Take a look at the Kawasaki website.

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